Advice and support

Free and confidential help, advice, support and treatment for alcohol issues are available in South Gloucestershire following an assessment of your needs.

Alcohol is widely consumed, particularly in social environments. However, some people may find their alcohol use has increased to a level which is causing them or others around them problems or concern.

To assess what help is needed an alcohol worker will offer support and advice over the phone. A range of programmes and services are available meeting individual needs. These can be:

  • identification and brief advice on stopping or reducing the amount of alcohol you drink
  • digital applications for you to access online
  • telephone support if you need it
  • signposting to services or GP practitioners who may be able to help (referrals to detoxification and residential rehabilitation are currently unavailable)

Support offered can range from a brief conversation to answering a query to advice regarding help available.

Call 01454868750 to speak to a member of our team, or email for further information or to access the help available.


Coronavirus update

Unfortunately, during the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, training sessions are not available but if you have a query or require any resources, please call 01454 865337 or email  Visit the NHS website for the latest information and guidance.