Three people running in the park

For Your Body

A person measuring their waistline with a tape measure

Healthy Weight

Information on maintaining a healthy weight, healthy eating, and local food.

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Fresh farmers market fruit and vegetables

Eat Well

Information on healthy eating, local food and food support.

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Two women running in a park

Move More

Find information about walking groups, running groups and activities for older people or choose from a range of resources to help get more active.

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A hand Stopping Cigarette From Falling On Desk With Wooden Blocks

Quit Smoking

Details of local smokefree services, stop smoking aids and other tools and resources

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A health professional taking the blood pressure of a patient

Check Your Health

For information about the NHS Health Check and a range of One You apps and resources.

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a health professional talking to a patient


Around three in five cases of Type 2 diabetes can be prevented or delayed by maintaining a healthy weight, eating well and being active.

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Drink Less

Advice for cutting back on alcohol as well as information on treatment options.

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