We provide a range of mental health related courses for specialist health and social care staff, non specialist staff and the general public with specific courses aimed at supporting parents and children.

Courses for specialist and non specialist professionals

Mental Health Awareness Training (one day)

Open to all but often taken by people who regularly work with people suffering from mental ill health.

Mental Health First Aid Training (two days)

A more in depth version of the one day course above.

Mental Capacity Act

This course is needed to gain a MCA certificate and is assessed. It has four modules covering the following areas:

  • Module 1: MCA Essentials
  • Module 2: Complex Best Interest Decisions
  • Module 3: Deprivation and detainment
  • Module 4: Advance Care Planning

Understanding Personality Disorder (half day)

A course aimed mainly at professionals to improve skills and understanding relating to personality disorder.

Knowledge and Understanding Framework Personality Disorder Training (three days)

A course aimed mainly at professionals to improve skills and understanding relating to personality disorder.

Asist – Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (two days)

A two day course to improve confidence skills and knowledge for those working with the public who may encounter people with suicidal thoughts.

  • Anxiety and Depression (half day)
  • Dual Diagnosis

Covering the link between mental ill health and substance misuse.

  • Working with People who self harm
  • Managing Stress for better wellbeing

Connect 5

Connect 5 has been developed by the Royal Society of Public Health and aims to increase the confidence and skills of frontline staff to be effective in having conversations about mental health and wellbeing. It draws on CBT skills and the 5 Ways to Wellbeing in order to help people manage emotional distress and increase their resilience and mental wellbeing through positive changes. It is an incremental three-session programme – Session 1 is a half day, Sessions 2 and 3 are full days. An introduction and overview can also be taught in a 1 off half-day session.


Courses for professionals working with children and young people

Introduction to promoting positive mental health in children and young people (full day, or shorter by arrangement)

Children and young people’s mental health, child and brain development, attachment theory, risk and resilience, recognising and responding to emotional distress, promoting resilience.

Promoting resilience (full day, or shorter by arrangement)

Training on the skills and content to deliver resilience work with individuals and groups.

Topic based courses (half or full day)

Eating disorders; self-harm; teens, turmoil and transition.

Mental health and emotional wellbeing teaching (half or full day)

Training for PSHE teachers, including teaching resources.

Youth Mental Health First Aid (two days)

This course aims to deliver knowledge and practical skills in order to spot the early signs of mental health problems and help a young person experiencing difficulties.

Mind Out: introduction to child and adolescent mental health  (full day at Kingswood Civic Centre)

Mental health, risk and resilience, warning signs, help and referral, supporting a young person, case scenarios.

Training for adopters and foster carers

Several training options available, including ‘Promoting health and emotional wellbeing’ and ‘Why and how? Attachment and emotional health for young people looked after’.

Courses for the public (including parents and children)

Resilience Lab (for 11-18 year olds and delivered by Off the Record)

This course helps young people explore their own understanding of emotional well being and develop strategies to manage their own feeling in a positive way.

Mental Health First Aid (Youth)

A course aimed at young people.


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