Coronavirus update

Referral to Lifeshape continues.  However, please note that WW are now offering their programme in the form of virtual workshops.  If you feel this is less accessible for your patient, or they would prefer to wait for the face to face programmes to recommence, please defer referral at this time. 

What is Lifeshape?

The LifeShape programme is a Tier 2 weight management programme (covering lifestyle interventions) which offers the patient:

  • WW (formerly Weight Watchers) vouchers
  • A link to One You South Gloucestershire for information on being smoke free, drinking less, eating well, moving more and stressing less as well as access to further support

How can I make a referral?

Clinicians use the LifeShape template on EMIS to make referrals into this Tier 2 service. The referred patient contacts the Public Health and Wellbeing Team on 01454 863 020 to discuss the above options.

Who is eligible?

There is specific criteria, detailed in the referral from, that needs to be met in order for a patient to be referred to Lifeshape. Please download a referral form using the below link.

Download the Lifeshape referral form