A person putting a bunch of bananas into a shopping trolley at a supermarket

Healthy Weight

Information on healthy eating, local food and food support.

The friendly team at One You South Gloucestershire are here to provide free 1:1 support

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A person measuring their waistline with a tape measure

Healthy Weight

Details of our healthy weight offer and advice on achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

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Someone serving a piece of chicken and a salad to a customer in a canteen

Healthy eating

A healthy, balanced diet is an important part of maintaining good health. This includes eating a wide variety of food and drink in the right proportions.

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Fresh farmers market fruit and vegetables

Local Food

Information about cooking courses, growing your own food, sustainable local production and reducing food waste.

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Boxes of food at a food bank

Getting enough to eat

Details and locations of local food banks as well as welfare benefit and debt advice and other support available.

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