For many, alcohol is a manageable and controllable part of their social life and it causes them little harm or worry. However, regularly drinking more than 14 units a week (approx. 6 pints of  average strength beer or 5 large glasses of wine) can lead to a wide range of long-term health problems. If you, or someone you know is drinking more than they think they should or would like to cut down, please see below.

Apps and other self-help tools

One You Drink Free Days app

The PHE and Drink Aware recommended One You Drink Free Days app is a useful tool to assist you in reducing your alcohol consumption.

Download the Drink Free Days app

Drink compare calculator

Compare your drinking to the rest of the UK and see the difference drink free days could make by using the Drink Compare Calculator.

Use the Drink Compare Calculator

Some strategies to help you reduce your use

  • Have a few (2-3) alcohol free nights a week.
  • Do exercise straight from work, not going home first, this can help relieve tension
  • Change your ‘after work routine’ – Start putting the kettle on when you walk through the door instead of going to the fridge for a wine or a beer.
  • Be a designated driver on a night out to help ensure you don’t drink alcohol
  • If a friend drops in, offer them tea/coffee or juice.
  • If visiting friends, take some non-alcoholic drinks along with you
  • If drinking alcohol, make every second drink non-alcoholic – ‘a spacer, not a chaser’.
  • Eat before you drink alcohol, it will make you feel fuller so that you are less likely to drink quickly.