Many smokers want to quit but aren’t sure about the best way to go about it. Thousands have quit for good with our help and studies show that you’re up to three times more likely to successfully quit with a combination of stop smoking medicine and specialist support from your local Stop Smoking Service.

Trained Stop Smoking Advisors are based at GP surgeries and via our OneYou service across South Gloucestershire so you can find the service that best suits you.

Smokefree clinics – what to expect

  • at your first appointment, you’ll be asked to talk about why you smoke and why you want to quit, as well as any past attempts to stop smoking
  • your Stop Smoking Advisor will talk about all the stop smoking medications available and which combination of these will suit you best.
  • you will make a personalised quit plan to help you quit and stay smokefree
  • you don’t need to be certain you want to quit, or have a specific quit plan in mind before your appointment. You can use the time to talk your situation through with your Stop Smoking Advisor without making a commitment. Stop smoking medications are available on prescription from your Stop Smoking Advisor if this is agreed during the appointment.

Pharmacies accepting Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) vouchers

For pharmacy opening hours please visit: NHS Choices website. Below is a list of pharmacies who accept Nicotine Replacement Therapy vouchers. Click on the location headings to expand the list and see all the options in your area.

Bradley Stoke, Little Stoke and Stoke Gifford


Cleevewood Pharmacy

Well Pharmacy


Day Lewis pharmacy


Billings Pharmacy

Jhoots Pharmacy


Shaunaks Pharmacy Hanham

Shaunaks Pharmacy Hanham Health Centre

Longwell Green

ASDA Pharmacy

Ellacombe Pharmacy

Cadbury Heath Pharmacy and Health




Yate Family Pharmacy

Frampton Cotterell

Shaunaks Pharmacy Frampton Cotterell


Shaunaks Pharmacy Winterbourne


Cadbury Heath Pharmacy and Health

Telephone Support

If you would like to speak to one of the team to receive Support to Stop Smoking over the telephone, call 01454 865337 or text ‘YOUR NAME’ and ‘READY’ to 80011

*Texts may incur a standard message charge. Please check with your provider.

Smoking in pregnancy

Stopping smoking is the best thing you can do for your baby to have the best possible start in life. The risks of smoking during pregnancy are serious, from premature delivery to increased risk of miscarriage, stillbirth or sudden infant death. Quitting smoking helps your baby develop healthily during pregnancy and beyond.

We have a dedicated Stop Smoking Specialist Advisor, who can support you over the telephone. Our Specialist Advisor will discuss what treatment options are available for you, and ensure you have as much support as possible to help you quit. She can also support a partner or other family members in a quit attempt at the same time. Contact us or ask your Midwife for more information.

No matter what stage you’re at in your pregnancy, it’s never too late to stop smoking.

Illegal tobacco

Illegal, or illicit tobacco is smuggled, bootlegged or counterfeit, sold cheaply and tax-free and often linked to large-scale organised crime.

A number of UK house fire deaths have been directly attributed to the use of illegal cigarettes and when tested, illegal cigarettes have contained extremely high levels of tar and carbon monoxide (up to 80% higher than permitted), yet contain less nicotine than indicated. Illegally produced tobacco is sometimes produced with banned or high levels of pesticides and herbicides – these can have negative impacts on your health as well as on the health of the workers and the environment where the tobacco is produced.

To report information about illegal tobacco, please visit the South West Illegal Tobacco website.

Trading Standards South West - Illegal tobacco reporting