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List of Resources

The following kits and models are available to order and be collected – please click on the “plus” symbol to see the full range of resources available for each topic area.

We kindly ask that you return models and kits to the same location that you collected them from.

Alcohol and drugs

  • Death of a liver
  • Drunk buster glasses – these glasses give the perception of being drunk

Health Protection

  • Hand washing machines – useful for showing steps to good hand washing and talking about why this is important.
  • NHS Health Check Results Booklets – for GP practices in South Gloucestershire to give to their patients at their NHS Health Check. Includes information on reducing alcohol intake, cardiovascular disease, mental health, healthy eating, stopping smoking and active living. If the booklet is out of stock, it can be downloaded from our website to print in-house.

Learning difficulties

  • Desmond and Daisy: Anatomically correct dolls – Anatomically correct, half life-size, clothed, adult, male and female models for use with young people with learning difficulties, those with sensory disabilities or poor verbal communication or for whom English is an additional language.


  • Replica foods –contains replicas of fruit and vegetables and and can be used with the eat well plate
  • Sugar kit – highlights the amount of sugar in various foods and includes resources for activities
  • Mix up n Munch Leaflets – a guide to making packed meals and teas that are healthy, balanced and nutritious for children 1-4 years. Suitable for parents/carers
  • Healthy Eating box –  includes story sacks, books, games and role play items

Oral Health

  • Alligator tooth brushing puppet – Large alligator puppet to show young children how to brush their teeth and comes with a large toothbrush
  • Large Jaw and toothbrush – can be used to demonstrate correct brushing techniques using this giant set of teeth. Comes with an oversized toothbrush.
  • Molar tooth with cavern – Molar tooth showing cavity.
  • Dental health box – includes model teeth and toothbrushes, a two minutes sand timer, books, and role play items.


  • Baby tar – A baby’s bottle filled with tar and cigarettes to show the effect of smoking while pregnant and  the effect of second hand smoke on a baby.
  • Clem’s Phlegm – A sealed jar containing the amount of phlegm a smoker with COPD would cough up in about two weeks.
  • Death of a lung – A model showing what a normal lung, a lung with emphysema and a lung with cancer look like.
  • Harry’s scary tongue – This model provides a graphic look at what using tobacco does to the tongue
  • Jar of tar: 20 a day – This shows the amount of tar that a 20 a day smoker takes into their lungs in approximately one year.
  • What’s in tobacco smoke – represents 4000 chemicals found in tobacco smoke, contains a mix of chemicals in jars e.g. insects, tar, butane
  • Co Monitors – For professionals, the CO monitor is a tool to biochemically establish a person’s smoking status. For smokers, an aid to encourage them to quit.


Where to collect

Please see below for the list of collection points. Please click the + symbol to see the list of collection points for each South Gloucestershire area. Collection is also available via South Gloucestershire Council internal post and from the Council’s Badminton Road office (please call first).

Bradley Stoke

Cadbury Heath

Chipping Sodbury

Emerson's Green





Staple Hill




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National online resources

If you wish to download nationally available health promotion leaflets or online guidance, please go to the website of the relevant national governing body directly.