Our vision

Our vision is to work together to make South Gloucestershire more active.

  • Start active: Supporting all children and young people to have an active start in life.
  • Active every day: Encouraging all adults to build activity into their everyday lives.
  • Stay active: Supporting older adults to live longer and more active lives.

Being active and healthy is fun. If we enjoy it, we’re more likely to keep doing it.

We should try to be at least moderately active every day and achieve 150 active minutes per week in short bursts or in more structured sessions of about half an hour.

Moderate activity means that our breathing and heart rates are a bit faster and we’re warmer than when we are at rest. You can find out about the many benefits of exercise on the NHS website.

Benefits of exercise

Activities near you

There are many opportunities to get active in South Gloucestershire.

  • Walking– including recommended routes and our Walking for Health scheme
  • Running– joining a group or take part in parkrun
  • Swimming – Go for a casual swim in the pool or join a session at your local leisure centre
  • Cycling – cycling is an easy, cheap and healthy way of travelling. Also find out more about Bikeability – a cycling programme developing skills and confidence for all kinds of cycling.

South Gloucestershire Council also manage a large number of open spaces including parks, playing fields and sports pitches.

Active Centres

There are five Active Lifestyle Centres across South Gloucestershire. These are situated in Yate, Thornbury, Kingswood, Longwell Green and Bradley Stoke.

Find your nearest Active Centre

Active in Life

  • Do you do less than 30 minutes of physical activity a week?
  • Do you live in South Gloucestershire?
  • Are you over 18?

If yes then you can get an activity card from Active in Life. With a great range of activities on offer, for only £2 per session you can try out 8 goes at nominated fitness classes, tennis, martial arts, buggy fit and many more. Also on offer are one month Gym tasters or Couch-To-5K courses for only £10!

Active in Life

Useful resources and information